“My services can be thought of as preventative care” is what Rachelle Behar Block, MS, LMHC told me regarding Senior Senorita, the company she started based on needs she recognized while working in the mental health field, specifically with seniors.

Senior Señorita offers creative arts therapy to homebound individuals, as well as groups and independent nursing and assisted living facilities.  “Loneliness, isolation and boredom are big issues for older people and can have a negative effect, causing depression, anxiety, watching news excessively and focusing on negative thoughts.  We provide services and activities that focus on fun aspects and less on current situation.”

Activities may include music, painting, sculpting, bead jewelry as well as other activities that cater to the cognitive and physical function level of the person or people she is working with.

Rachelle and her team make accommodations for clients, such as putting a paintbrush through a tennis ball, making it easier to hold for someone who has severe arthritis. If a client is bedbound the activity would be something that can be done on a tray, and for dementia and Alzheimer’s clients, an activity using larger pieces, for example.

In addition to the activity, Rachelle provides a sensory experience to stimulate relaxation and creativity, which includes music from the client’s era and aromatherapy, with a scent of their choice.  Both sensory stimulators aid in relaxation and stimulate positive nostalgia.

Senior Senorita’s team is made up of well-trained associates.  She offers additional services which include pet therapy and music therapy.  For more information be sure to visit seniorsenorita.com and take a look at all the different services they offer. Think about doing this sooner rather than later, before isolation and depression become an issue for your loved one.

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Susan Holtzman

Susan O. Holtzman earned Master’s Degree in Gerontology and Aging Services after a long career in healthcare and medical education.  Her experience in caring for her mother as she aged, and assisting friends and family in finding care solutions led her to become involved in gerontology and aging issues on an individual as well as public policy level.  Susan will be blogging on issues relating to Aging and Caregiving. 

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