Rally Round is a fabulous new website and iPhone app that was developed in the UK but thanks to the wonders of modern technology, can be used anywhere in the world!

Have you ever wondered how you might be able to coordinate with others to assist in the everyday, must-do tasks for your homebound loved one? Rally Round offers a practical solution by allowing you to create your own private page, identify tasks to be completed and then inviting friends or family that have expressed interest in helping! The free website – and iPhone app -- is simple and very easy to use.

You simply create a private page for your loved one (or even you for that matter) , create a to do list, and invite helpers, i.e., trusted family and friends who then commit to one of the tasks and then confirms the task’s completion. Boom that’s it. You can make periodic checks to see who’s committed to what, and what tasks are remaining.

Bottom line this website helps alleviate some of the pressure you may have placed on yourself in the day-to-day caring for your loved one, and allows others to take an active role.


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Ilene Kent

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