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Advanced Directives

An advanced directive is also referred to as a living will, a personal directive, or an advanced decision. They are instructions given to individuals that specify what actions should be taken for their health should they not be capable to make their choices known. The directive appoints a person to make such decisions on their behalf. There are different types of advanced directives.

  • Living Will: Provides direction to suspend of withdraw linfe-prolonging procedures in the event of a terminal condition, persistent vegetative state or end-stage condition. 
  • Health Care Surrogate: Direction expressing aspects of healthcare that includes: 1) designation of Health Care Surrogate to consent of refuse medical treatment; 2) to apply for private, public or veteran's benefits to pay costs of healthcare; 3) to access medical records, and 4) to make anatomical gifts.
  • Power of Attorney: Legal document used by individuals and entities to designate an agent to act on their behalf. It's oftehn used in estate planning as a viable alternative to guardianship.