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I need help for my parent or other relative

Very few things are more difficult and/or stressful and consuming than helping an aging parent. It’s even harder when you live far away.


Either way, having a trusted resource who can provide objective advice and immediate solutions is invaluable. With everyone’s work schedules, family events and other obligations it’s can be incredibly difficult to have the time to help your parent(s) without being controlling.  It’s important that you allow them to remain “in the driver’s seat as much as possible.


I can help you help your parents, by doing as much or as little as you want or need. Maybe they need help at home, or simply a meal delivery or ride service to make their lives easier.  Perhaps you need guidance in determining just the right type of help they need. While caregiving can be very complicated, sometimes the solutions are very simple. The key is to not focus on the stress of caregiving but rather focus on spending quality family time.