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Candice Brown, RN: Geriatric Care Manager
(561) 317-7482
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Palm Beach County
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Brown's RN's And Geriatric Care Managers, Inc

Our company specializes in determining, planning and monitoring the complex/chronic healthcare needs of your elderly loved ones while trying to keep them as safe, independent and healthy as possible in their current residence. Many of our clients are diagnosed with early Alzheimer's (dementias) and multiple medical conditions. We understand how these several illnesses and fluctuating medications can interact with one another and can help families plan now and for the future. We know these situations are constantly changing and our extensive medical knowledge permits us to guide you through the maze of choices available to you. After the initial needs assessment we closely interact with your loved one, communicate their needs to MD's, set up home care, therapies, medical consultations, make weekly visits, and report back to the families. We want to collaborate with families and the patient to come up with the best possible solutions.