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A Different Take On Caregiving

medium_1005259_576956379021526_149459454_n.pngFinding a competent, compassionate caregiver can be stressful. Who can you trust when you can’t be there for your loved one?

For those who want to use a private caregiver, you'll be happy to learn about and meet Carespotter, a company that screens private caregivers with a tenacity that’s so important for this endeavor. Its five­ step screening process includes an intensive background check. The company accepts only experienced, exceptional caregivers ­ and they must have worked in a hospital, assisted living facility, homecare agency or directly with seniors.

“We also do a situational phone interview where we look for professionalism, technical ability and compassion,” says founder Darren Wendroff. “Caregivers should have a level 2 background check if they've worked in a professional setting. They must also pass a level 1 background check (SSN/Identify verification, national criminal background check, county background check and national sex offender check).”

Just how tough is the vetting process? CareSpotter only approves about 50 percent of applicants. To make things even easier for clients to find a compatible caregiver, the company will soon include two reference contacts with testimonials and the ability to conduct a video interview with prospective caregivers via Skype.

“We also insure and bond the caregiver if the family pays the caregiver through our platform, and of course we help with payroll taxes and payments as well,” notes Wendroff.

While you should take comfort in Carespotter's attention to screening details, I strongly urge you to do your own due dilligence as well. Make sure they're licensed, bonded, and insured, feel free to ask for references- and feel comfortable in doing a personal background check. 

Interested? Check out their website.