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Getting Peace of Mind with I AM FINE

We spent a lot of time worrying about our children as they grew up. Now that they're young adults, it seems that for many of us, our parents are now our focus of concern. Is my mother safe? Did she get home from her doctor's appointment? Did she return home after going to the movies? 

If this scenario sounds familar, you should know about a service called "I AM FINE," an automated, check-in phone service that provides the simple peace of mind family members seek. It's not high-tech and there's no learning curve required. The only thing your parent needs is a phone—either a landline or a cell.  Here's how it works:

  • Set a time to be called each day. I’ve determined that the most important time is mid-morning- just before my mother leaves the house.
  • When she receives the call, she simply presses one if she’s ok, and 2 if she’s not ok.  The service is set up so that the check-in is received on her cell phone. That way, if she breaks from her routine and is already out and about, I will be able to know that she is fine.
  • Create a list of people who want to know that she’s ok. I don't have a lock on worrying, so I’ve set it up that both my sister and I receive a notification via text message that she’s fine. If I am unavailable, the list can be modified.
  • I receive a text message that simply states, “Your loved one has checked in.”  Most importantly I am notified if they cannot get ahold of her and she doesn't check in. They will try several times and keep a strict log of the times calls are attempted.

What I like about IAMFINE is that you can set it up to meet your individual needs. You can call into the IAMFINE phone number, or sign into the IAMFINE web page. You can add family and friends into your notification or “care” circle, or you can set it to notify you ONLY is they miss their daily check in.  What’s also really nice and special about this “automated” service, is that it is managed by real, and helpful individuals. 

I contacted Steven Dudley, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Custormer Service several times with questions as I set our calls up. No question was too much for him– and he assured me that they “love to help, that’s why we do this!”

The cost for this priceless peace of mind? After a free 14 day trial, the cost is $14.95 per month!  Click here to view a short video of how the service works.  Then talk to your loved one. It’s so simple and unobstrusive, that it’s unlikely to be met with resistance.