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Sundara Pilates
Nicole Lopez-Carrell
(305) 310-8292
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Miami-Dade County
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Virtual Appointment
Yes, For Mat Pilates

Sundara Pilates

I'm Nicole and I am honored to help you on your journey to a healthy body and mind through Pilates. I offer private, one on one reformer sessions at a home studio in Coconut Grove. Pilates reformer work focuses on core strength and proper muscle engagement which improves back pain, injury recovery, balance, bone density and posture  to name a few, all while mostly lying on a carriage. It is a movement system designed to better your everyday life and Mental and Physical well being.

I also offer virtual Mat Pilates instruction that is terrific for stretching, balance and strengthening. 

Whether you choose reformer or mat pilates I cater to your specific needs in a safe environment.


Nicole Lopez-Carrell