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Technology Alert: The Upgraded and Improved Amazon Echo

You may be familiar with Amazon’s unique line of Echo Products.  Their latest release is a multi-use Echo Show, a groundbreaking addition to Amazon’s lineup of smart products, combining the capabilities of “Alexa” with a vibrant touch screen display.

The Echo Show can provide information, entertainment, and connectivity through both voice commands and visual content. The touchscreen display not only allows users to view weather updates, news briefings, and recipes, but it also enables seamless video calls, transforming distant conversations into more engaging and personal interactions. Not only can you still access Amazon Prime, but now you can also view the latest Netflix programs on it. And, it also can function as a digital photo frame! 

This multi-faceted device with its wide screen can also improve your FaceTime experience with your loved ones and diminish the stress of being far away.  

If you're thinking this is too techie for either you or a loved one, please think again. We often underestimate our technological abilities. With a little work it can be set up and enjoyed by all. 

One important caveat is that both parties need to have an Echo Show for face-to-face calls.