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How And When To Take Supplements

In our haste to get out the door in the morning, many supplement users reach for their day’s worth of calcium, vitami

A Step-by-Step Guide On Giving Power Of Attorney For Healthcare

My father has nine lives. He’s cheated death - and astounded doctors who gave him weeks to live - numerous times.

Need To De-stress? Try Reiki

Reiki is a japanese healing modality that helps one relax and reduce stress.

Do You Have Enough Fiber In Your Diet?

Adequate fiber intake is linked to a lower risk of disease.

Falling Off The Exercise Wagon: Tips For Getting Back On

So you'd been working out regularly for six months and then took that wonderful vacation in Barcelona for two and a h

Eat This For That: 100 Best Foods For Women

I found a terrific list of 100 healthful foods that every woman should include in her diet.

Should You Join A Gym OR Train At Home?

This is the second of a two-part blog.

It's All About The Butt

One of my lovely clients asked me why women’s butts flatten out as we age.

The Benefits Of The Stability Exercise Ball

The Swiss ball, also known as the stability ball, gymball and physioball, was invented in Italy in 1963 as a toy.

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