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The Residences: A New Assisted Living Facility In Miami

If you or your parents are considering moving to an assisted living facility (ALF), you’ll want to add 

Vitas Alzheimer's Disease Caregiver Support Groups In Miami-Dade County

Here's an updated list of Alzheimer's Caregiver Support Groups (English AND Spanish) in Miami that are offered by Vit

Take A Stress Break With Online Guided Meditations

The physical act of meditation, sitting still and quieting the mind by focusing on your breath or a phrase, sounds so

Books By Mail Program Delivers

Anxious to kick back with the latest James Patterson thriller?

Here's Your Chance To SHINE

Navigating the mind-boggling maze of Medicare and Medicaid rules is daunting.

When Good Herbs Have Bad Reactions

I’m sure you’ve heard this: Herbal remedies are all natural, so they must be safe.

South Florida Easter Seals: A Gem For Alzheimer's Patients & Their Caregivers

We get many calls from Caregivers inquiring about Adult Day Care services for their family members with Memory Disord

Talk About A Service Provider That Can Really Make Our Lives Easier...A Daily Money Manager

Identifying and enrolling providers for our users has been one of the most challenging yet gratifying parts of develo

Fear Of Falling

September 23 is National Fall Prevention Day.

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